Building Family Libraries

Books For Well Checks We supply quality children’s books to local pediatricians and health clinics. Including Sacred Heart Medical Group at PSJ, Sacred Heart Medical Center PSJ, Sacred Heart Medical Group of Apalachicola, Sacred Heart Medical Group at Wewahitchka, Eastpoint Medical Center, and Phoenix Medical Group in Carrabelle.

Books are given out at birth and successive well-checks with reminders about the intellectual and emotional needs of babies and young children, and with an emphasis on Reading Aloud to Children from Birth. Hearing this message from a doctor or nurse, the professional expert on one’s child’s health, adds great impact to the message. To carry the message home, a large, colorful postcard, summarizing the importance of Reading Aloud for a child’s brain development, is given to each family.

Bring Me A Book Forgotten Coast, in partnership with the Early Learning Coalition of Northwest Florida, provides an excellent, multi-cultural child development manual, The Best We Can Be which is in turn distributed by the child’s health care provider to each patient’s family.

Father reading to baby
Stories on the Square
Bedtime stories being read