About Bring Me A Book Forgotten Coast

Bring Me A Book Forgotten Coast, Inc. is a Florida non-profit (501 (c) (3)) focused on Igniting The Passion To Read in the Young Children of Franklin, Gulf, and adjoining counties in Florida. (Federal tax I.D.# 27-1072506)

Directed toward improving literacy and success in school, Bring Me A Book Forgotten Coast supplies quality books and open-faced bookcases to settings that serve young children, and teaches parents and other caregivers, siblings, teens and community members the critical importance of READING ALOUD TO CHILDREN FROM BIRTH.

As part of Bring Me A Book Forgotten Coast’s initiative, gift books are provided for pediatricians and health clinics to distribute during well checks for babies and young children.


Recipient of The Library of Congress Literacy Award

Judy Koch launched  Bring Me A Book in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1997. Her program inspired Michaelin and Dave Watts with the help of fellow Franklin County resident, Marie Marshall, to found Bring Me A Book Franklin in 2009. Karen Kessel has served as Program Coordinator of BMAB Franklin since 2016. The Bring Me A Book Foundation has three affiliates: Bring Me A Book Forgotten Coast, Bring Me A Book St. Louis and Bring Me A Book Hong Kong.

The Library of Congress Literacy Award , originated by entrepreneur and philanthropist, David M Rubenstein, honors organizations doing exemplary, innovative and replicable work.

In the words of Carla Hayden, Librarian of Congress, “Literacy is the ticket to learning opportunity and empowerment on a global scale....through the generosity of David M. Rubenstein, the Library of Congress is proud to honor and celebrate the achievements of these extraordinary organizations in their efforts to advance reading levels and give people the foundation for a better life.”

Two other child centered reading programs focused on fostering a love of reading received the award: Ready for Reading based in a remote area of Rwanda, and Friends of Matenwa based in Haiti.

Bring Me A Book Forgotten Coast is honored to share in receiving this award and wants to express its gratitude to Program Coordinator, Karen Kessel, and the many dedicated local and “snow bird “volunteers who dedicate their time, energy, skills and caring to the children of Franklin and Gulf Counties through their work with Bring Me A Book Forgotten Coast.

Three women accepting an award
In photo Left to right: Karen Kessel, Program Coordinator of Bring Me A Book Forgotten Coast, Michaelin Reamy Watts, President of Bring Me A Book Forgotten Coast and Judy Koch of Palo Alto, CA, President of the Bring Me A Book Foundation.
BMAB Staff
Group of kids with adult readers from BMAB
Security gaurd standing by BMAB poster