For Parents

As a parent, grandparent or caregiver you are in a position to greatly enhance your child's brain development and success in school. Reading Aloud to your child, beginning  at birth, just twenty minutes a day will make a difference! Your child loves to hear your voice and to have special time with you. Reading a book together with appealing illustrations helps the child associate good feelings with books and the written word. It's not about teaching your child how to read. It is about creating for your child, the " Want to Read."

Here are some Reading Tips:

  • Let your child choose the book
  • Snuggle in
  • Read slowly
  • Read author and title of book
  • Let your child turn the pages
  • Ask questions and make predictions about the story
  • Encourage your child
  • Read while children are playing
  • Be dramatic and have fun!
Bedtime stories being read
Mother reading with children